Unpack Seattle

Visiting a new city often consists of traveling from one tourist stop to another without actually experiencing the city. During my time in graduate school, I was challenged to envision how a public installation could change the way people explore and enjoy their travels.

Through interviews, my team sought to find what residents of Seattle love about their city. The answers, which ranged from the smell of the ocean at Golden Gardens to the taste of fresh coffee at one of the many local coffeeshops, all had one common thread: they all engaged multiple senses to create a memorable experience.

From there, we envisioned and prototyped a pop-up style installation that would showcase locations around the city and categorize them by which of the five senses they activated most. Visitors would use stamps from each location to create a custom travel journal they could then use as a guide for their adventures.

As part of this project, we created a video to promote the installation and invited others to visit and create their own guide to Seattle.


Creative Direction, Visual Design, Videography


Primary Forms

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